• Optical Attenuator Variable Board LC-OAt-Var

Optical Attenuator Variable Board LC-OAt-Var

In Stock Product code: 1340-18 Vendor code: LC-OAt-Var

DWDM.ME's LC-OAt-Var is a general-purpose adjustable optical attenuator, is an online attenuation adjustment device. It has the characteristics of small size, light weight, low power consumption and high cost performance. It is an essential tool for the measurement of optoelectronic devices, optical passive devices, optical fibers, optical cables, and optical fiber communication equipment, as well as the engineering construction and maintenance of optical fiber communication systems. It is suitable for the optical power situation that needs to be strictly controlled in the network, and is supplemented by software as the control unit

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Product Highlights

  • Intelligent and universal, it can directly display the dB value of attenuated optical power.
  • Small insertion loss, high attenuation value accuracy, and large variable attenuation range, truly achieving precision, accuracy, stability, reliability, ease of use and durability.
  • Good attenuation linearity and repeatability.
  • Real-time monitoring of input and output power.
  • High-definition touch display LCD screen, easy to operate.
  • Simulation, measurement, adjustment and evaluation of fiber optic systems in place of different fiber optic cables or fibers.
  • Optical fiber communication construction, operation and routine maintenance.
  • Optical fiber computer network, optical fiber CATV network.
  • Direct detection of light source and optical transceiver.
  • Test system for composing optical fibers and various optical devices.

Product Performance

Performance Parameter Technical index
Number of channels 2, 4, 6, 8 optional
Attenuation range 0~–35dB
Accuracy ≤±0.3dB
Working wavelength 1270~1610nm
Calibration wavelength 1310nm,1550nm
Resolution Continuous
Insertion loss≤1.2
Polarization dependent loss ≤0.1@ 0dB ,≤0.5 @20dB
Wavelength dependent loss ≤0.3@ 0dB ,≤1.5 @20dB
Temperature dependent losses (compared to room temperature) ≤0.7@ 0dB ,≤1.0 @20dB
Return loss ≥45
Working Temp. ℃
Storage Temp. ℃
Working power AC:85~264 V,50~60 Hz
Fiber Type Single mode fiber 9/125μm or other
Optical connector LC/PC optional
Size (mm) 191(W)× 20(H)× 253(D)