Single Fiber Bidirectional Optical Line Protection Board LC-OLP-BIDI

In Stock Product code: 82 Vendor code: LC-OLP-BIDI

Traditional OLP protects 4-core optical fiber, but in many places, due to insufficient optical fiber resources, it is impossible to provide excessive optical fiber resources and optical line redundancy protection. In response to the shortage of optical fiber resources and the demand for redundant protection of optical lines, our company has developed BIDI OLP equipment to solve the problem of optical line protection when optical cable resources are insufficient. OLP-BIDI only needs two optical fibers to realize the optical line protection function. When the main circuit fiber fails, the receiving end will automatically switch to the spare fiber to receive, thus ensuring unimpeded communication and improving the stability and reliability of the communication system. This also saves fiber resources.

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Product Highlights

  • Support single-fiber bidirectional protection, and dual-route protection can be realized with only 2-core optical cable.
  • Automatic switching protection: After the line is interrupted, the system automatically quickly switches the faulty optical fiber main route to the backup route to ensure uninterrupted services, increase the reliability of the transmission network or line quality, and improve the service quality of operators.
  • Fast switching speed: switching time <30ms, shortening communication interruption time and improving maintenance efficiency.
  • Fiber quality real-time monitoring: Provides real-time monitoring of the main and standby fiber cores, that is, the optical power monitoring of the main and standby fiber (transceiver) dual fibers at the same time, which can monitor the quality of the optical cable of the main and standby routes, which can effectively avoid the simultaneous blocking of the main and standby route fibers Case.
  • Emergency dispatch of active and standby routes: Arbitrary dispatch of active and standby working routes under the premise of ensuring that the business is not interrupted, without the need to manually dispatch on the on-site ODF, which saves time and is safe and convenient.
  • Low insertion loss: insertion loss ≤1.5dB
  • Working mode can be set: support manual switching, automatic switching can be set
  • Support switching threshold can be set: the main and standby route switching threshold can be set according to the line condition
  • Manual return to automatic time delay: the time of manual mode return to automatic mode can be set according to requirements
  • Support automatic switchback delay setting: the main route failure repair and automatic return to the main route delay can be set as needed

Product Performance

Performance Parameter Technical index
Workign Wavelength (nm) DWDM Blue:1528~1543,Red:1547~1561
Workign Wavelength (nm) CWDM 1270~1610
Monitoring optical power range(dBm) +23~-50
Monitoring optical power accuracy dB ±0.25
Monitor optical power resolution dB ±0.01
Return loss dB ≥55
Polarization dependent loss dB ≤0.05
Wavelength dependent loss dB ≤0.1
Insertion loss dB <1.5dB
Switching time ms <20
Working Temp. ℃ -10~+60°C
Storage Temp. ℃ -20~+75°C
Relative Humidity 5%~95% non-condensation
Power(V) 220V/AC, 50Hz; -48V/DC(Optional)
Power Consumption (W) <5W
Power down status Keeping
Size (mm) 191(W)× 20(H)× 253(D)