Project support from design to implementation


The effectiveness of the project starts from the moment of its design

Our technical department takes part in all stages of creation, working with designers and engineers of the customer to ensure the best compatibility and functionality of DWDM.ME equipment with your optical infrastructure. This approach allows us to prevent potential problems at the start and ensure your optical system runs smoothly. Our team provides customers not just a product, but a complete solution that ensures the reliability and efficiency of the fibre optic infrastructure.

Personalised approach

By understanding customers’ key challenges, we offer affordable solutions for efficient operations and your long-term growth. Every project is unique and the approach offered by DWDM.ME is tailored to the specific situation. We provide a personalised service to help resolve problems and issues promptly.



    DWDM.ME plays a significant role in supporting clients not only on technical issues, but also in aspects related to project costing. Recognising that efficient use of resources is key to successful projects, we provide assistance in costing projects and investments in optical infrastructure. Based on this data, we prepare a quotation with a detailed breakdown of the cost of each component of the project, giving clients a clear understanding of the costs involved.

    Testing and debugging: guarantee of reliability

    These complementary processes are an important part of technical support DWDM.ME, which allow you to identify and correct problems as quickly as possible, ensuring the smooth operation of your optical infrastructure. In a situation where equipment is malfunctioning or malfunctioning, our technical support specialists may suggest that the customer perform certain tests to identify the problem. Based on the results of these tests, they can then perform further diagnostics and debugging to identify and correct any errors in the equipment Start of the Form


    Implementation and support

    Our responsibility in providing technical support does not end when the equipment is delivered. DWDM.ME provides continuous support during the project implementation, providing customers with all the necessary assistance during the integration of the fibre optic system into the IT infrastructure and configuration of the equipment. Our technical department is always on call, ready to answer questions and solve any arising problems.


    We also provide consulting support to our customers, helping them to optimise the use of DWDM.ME equipment to achieve the highest business results. Our mission goes beyond just providing a product – we strive to provide customers with the knowledge and tools they need to successfully implement and support projects.

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