Our approach

We have been in the telecommunications market for a long time, so we know the needs and individual characteristics of our customers well. By identifying and understanding the problem that our customers face, we provide affordable solutions and make the service as convenient as possible for your efficient operation and long-term growth.

Affordable solutions, quality, sustainable development - this is what sets DWDM.ME apart in the market.

Everything starts with confidence

Your trust is very important to us, therefore we do everything we can to ensure that the projects implemented with our help are of high quality and fit for purpose. We believe that our relationship will form the basis for overall sustainable success.

Experience in projects of any complexity in the telecom market
Highly qualified design and engineering department
Own brokerage and logistics services
Availability of a warehouse in Tallinn
Featured products
MU-70-ACDC - 1U Transmission Platform
Vendor code: MU-70-ACDC

MU-70-ACDC is DWDM.ME’s generation of large-capacity transmission platform, applicable to various network levels such as national, provincial, and metropolitan core, and meets TBit capacity requirements. It is the industry's most cost-effective transmission application platform. It builds a large Granular WDM transmission solution. ...

MU-380-ACDC - 5U Transmission Platform
Vendor code: MU-380-ACDC

MU-380-ACDC is DWDM.ME next-generation high-capacity transmission platform. It is suitable for national, provincial, and metro core network levels to meet TBit capacity requirements. It is the industry’s most cost-effective transmission application platform. Granular WDM transmission ...

Board LC-MP400-II
Vendor code: LC-MP400-II

LC-MP400-II - 400G muxponder service board supports multiplexing/demultiplexing at the electrical level in two modes: 4x100G↔400G, providing combining 4 100G channels into one 400G channel (4 client interfaces are used - QSFP28 and CFP2 line interface); or 2x100G↔200G, allowing 2 100G channels to be combined into one 200G channel. Channel transmission at a speed of 400 Gbps. is achieved by using state-of-the-art coherent technology as well as DSP processing technology, which eliminates the problems of high-speed transmission systems to meet the requirements of OSNR, immunity to chromatic (CD) and intermode (PMD) dispersion and non-linear physical effects of optical signal transmission, and also provides a large throughput and ultra wide bandwidth for coherent transmission systems...

Board MS-2GEN
Vendor code: MS-2GEN

The network element management system is an important part of the MU series equipment. The MS-2GEN management board provides online management and monitoring of the entire WDM system, and allows you to perform configuration, alarm management, fault monitoring, etc. In addition, MS-2GEN provides graphical information management (topology management, electronic map positioning, convenient for rapid service deployment, rapid troubleshooting, and saving maintenance costs)....

FC/ APC-FC/ APC SM Duplex 0,5
Vendor code: FC/ APC-FC/ APC SM Duplex 0,5

FC/ APC-FC/ APC SM Duplex 0,5...

ADC 1x4 ST
Vendor code: ADC 1x4 ST

Optical input-output multiplexer 1x4 in a sleeve-shaped case (ABS box type) - for adding / separating one or more channels into one fiber...

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Successful case of DWDM.ME

#news 08/06/2022
Successful case of DWDM.ME
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About company

We have implemented projects to build a network and supply equipment to most European countries.

Our customers are not only network operators, but also the corporate segment, in particular, energy and sales companies, automotive and railway infrastructure, regional and city administrations, security, defense and law enforcement agencies, banking and financial sector, TV channels, logistics centers. In addition, we cooperate with the country's leading universities that train IT specialists.

DWDM.ME does not rest on its laurels, is constantly developing and expanding the range of technological solutions for customers.

Work principles

Teamwork, flexibility, mutual trust and the professionalism of each of us help solve problems both at the idea or terms of reference level, as well as at the operation and maintenance stage.

Our project department will assist in the development of both small and nationwide networks.

The opportunities you've been waiting for!
  • Fast logistics and in-house brokerage service
  • Openness to new solutions
  • Full range of CWDM and DWDM solutions from one manufacturer

The advantage of DWDM.ME is the implementation of seemingly complex tasks with simple and affordable solutions. Thanks to a wide range of service-oriented services, we develop and implement complex projects for the development and optimization of DWDM backbone network.

We offer you:
Development and implementation of projects of various complexity
Optimal selection of equipment for your task
Technical assistance during design, implementation and operation of equipment
Outsourcing of operation and maintenance