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DWDM.ME solutions make optical infrastructure simpler and more affordable

We specialize in providing advanced solutions that improve the efficiency of fiber optic networks, reduce the cost of building and maintaining them, and make them more affordable for different types of businesses and enterprises


    High integration and support for advanced technologies

    Wide functional capabilities of DWDM.ME solutions allow customers to use their network resources more efficiently, develop faster and provide a high level of performance and reliability of telecommunication networks. High bandwidth and efficiency of data transmission help to design and organise a network of different levels.

    Effortlessly Deploy DWDM Networks

    Our customers especially appreciate the ability to quickly configure the network infrastructure, which reduces operating costs and network downtime. Easy installation and configuration of DWDM.ME equipment allows you to quickly deploy new networks or modernise existing ones, which is especially important in conditions of rapid traffic growth or in situations when you need to quickly scale the network.

    Openness to new solutions

    Constant improvement of products, implementation of modern technologies makes service-oriented DWDM.ME solutions as convenient as possible to achieve significant business results and long-term growth of your business. Development and implementation of new standards and features help to improve performance, security and flexibility of network infrastructure.
    The main advantage of DWDM.ME is the realisation of complex,
    at first sight, tasks with the help of simple and accessible solutions
    Presentation of DWDM.ME optical equipment operation in the rack provides an opportunity to familiarise with the operation of the MU-180-ACDC series chassis

    Video review not only allows you to see the operation of the equipment in real time, but also helps to better understand its functionality. In addition, the presentation helps to assess the scale and power of the equipment, which is important for its successful integration into the customer’s existing infrastructure.

    Service and Team

    Teamwork, flexibility in work, mutual trust and professionalism of each of us helps to solve problems both at the level of idea or technical specification and at the stage of operation and maintenance. Our project department will assist in the development of both small and nationwide networks.
    Experience in projects of any complexity in the telecom market
    Full range of CWDM and DWDM solutions
    Organisation of optical communication channels with the speed of 100G/200G/400G
    Highly qualified design and engineering department
    Own brokerage and logistics service

    Building Trust Through Successful Project Implementation 

    Your trust is very important to us, so we do everything possible to ensure that the projects implemented with our help meet their goals. We believe that our partnerships will become the basis for achieving common sustainable success.

    Get network solutions that deliver real business results

    We offer a wide range of services, including development and implementation of projects of varying complexity, selection of optimal equipment, technical assistance at all stages of design and operation, as well as maintenance outsourcing
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