Expansion of the model range – expansion of transmission capabilities and increase in speed up to 400G

Some time ago, we announced the release of another board for existing 100 Gb /s and 200 Gb/s line cards, namely LC-MP400-II – 400G.
Today, the LC-MP400-II line card is available for order and is already used to build modern high-speed optical backbones.

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LC-MP400-II board is a 400Gbps muxponder that uses 4 ports to install QSFP28 modules (100Gbps) and combines them into a 400Gbps stream and allows it to be transmitted over an optical link. 400 Gbps channel transmission is achieved using state-of-the-art coherent technology as well as DSP processing technology, which eliminates the problems of high-speed transmission systems to meet OSNR requirements, immunity to chromatic (CD) and intermode dispersion (PMD) and non-linear physical effects of optical transmission. signal, and also provides greater bandwidth.

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