The QSFP28-100G single-fibre transceiver

The QSFP28-100G BiDi single fibre transceiver is the latest addition to DWDM.ME’s portfolio of solutions

The QSFP28-100G BiDi (Quad Small Form-Factor Pluggable 100G Bidirectional) represents a new standard in the world of optical transceivers. This product provides 100Gbps data transmission using just one fibre.

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With the rapid development of technology and the continuous increase in the amount of data being transmitted, the importance of high-speed connections is becoming more and more relevant and critical. Almost all telecoms equipment manufacturers support the QSFP28 form factor for installing 100G links, which has led to the massive and widespread use of standard QSFP28 optical transceivers in the market in recent years.

Let’s look at a few key benefits of the QSFP28 100G-LR1 BIDI:

  • Fibre savings: Unlike standard QSFP28-LR4s, BiDi’s QSFP28 100G BiDi modules use just one fibre, which significantly reduces the cost of setting up and upgrading the current cabling infrastructure for 100G links.

  • Easy Scalability: Single-fibre modules provide more flexible network scalability, making it easier to increase capacity when upgrading from traditional QSFP28-LR4 modules to BiDi QSFP28 modules without having to change the number of fibres in the links.

  • Compatibility: QSFP28 100G-LR1 BIDIs are already an established standard, ensuring compatibility with a diverse range of network devices.

DWDM.ME’s QSFP28 100G-LR1 BIDI optical transceiver features a simplex LC connector, enabling communications up to 10/20/40 km over single-mode G.652 fibre. The transceiver supports Digital Diagnostics Monitoring (DDM), which is used to provide real-time monitoring of operating parameters.

The purchase of QSFP28 100G-LR1 BIDI modules is a logical step in preparing for the future challenges of increased network traffic.

QSFP28 100G-LR1 BIDI single fibre transceivers are already available for order on our website.

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