New long-range module QSFP28-100G-ZR4 BIDI

The range of 100Gbps DWDM.ME single fibre optical transceiver models has recently been expanded with the long-range QSFP28-100G-ZR4 BIDI.

The main advantages of the QSFP28-100G-ZR4 BIDI optical transceiver for network infrastructure are:

Implementation of data transmission up to 80 km over a single fibre. This capability significantly reduces the cost of laying and maintaining additional fibre links, reducing network complexity and operating costs. In addition, reducing the number of fibres in use simplifies network management and upgrades, making the network more flexible and adaptable to changing requirements.

Increased connectivity, performance and reliability. The ability to transmit data over long distances without the need for amplifiers improves network performance and enables remote locations or network segments to be effectively connected without additional equipment and infrastructure costs.

Improved flexibility in network design. The optical transceiver’s ability to transmit data up to 80 km extends the ability to design and optimise network infrastructure, enabling more flexible and efficient solutions.

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